You may be a seasoned professional who would like to promote your work – perhaps to a more selective section of the art-buying market.

Perhaps you feel that the time is right for your work to deserve the attention of a wider spectrum of the public instead of exhibiting at the usual village fetes and church bazaars.

Either way we can help.

If you’ve had some of your work printed previously, it was probably printed using offset lithography. You were given reasonable quality, adequate colour accuracy and the service you received may not have been too bad either.

BUT how many prints did you have to buy before the price per print became low enough to be acceptable? And how many of those do you still have lying around gathering dust?

Time to give them to the local school or charity shop and start investigating the benefits of giclée prints and the giclée process.

If you’d like to have your art turned into affordable lightfast prints on a variety of materials which will maximise your income from your images without breaking the bank, then click here

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