We can help you in all sorts of ways.

Your customers

Some of your customers may not have the budget for buying original art. Don’t lose their business. Increase your revenue by offering them superb giclée reproduction prints. If you need some help explaining the benefits of buying such prints, have a look at our Why giclée? page.

Your artists

Perhaps you have taken an artist or two under your wing and your customers are keen on their work. You may even act as publisher for these artists. Now you can increase your revenue by publishing their work in print. Up until now the prints you have bought may have been a little disappointing. Not any more. Our Why giclée? page will help explain why.

Depending on their popularity, you can now publish much more easily your customers’ favourite works as open or limited editions.

You could even market your artists’ work on a global scale by having us include it in our fantastic on-line gallery. email us at printit at imagiclee dot com to find out more.