What are the most frustrating things about the way you buy and sell prints at the moment? Possibly the limited number of images available to you and probably worst of all, the size of those images. How many times have you heard your customers back out of a potential sale by saying things like, ‘That’s very nice. If only it was a bit bigger.’ Or ‘If only it was a bit smaller.’ Or ‘If only it was on canvas.’

Well, don’t lose that sale again!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have access to thousands of different images from a range of classics, contemporary art and art from emerging artists from all over the world? And wouldn’t it just be brilliant if you could order those images in a range of different sizes? And just how close to the bees knees could you get if you were able to order these images on a variety of different materials?

Given the chance of doing all of this from your computer and you’ll appreciate very quickly the great benefits of buying prints from our on-line gallery at Click here to browse the gallery.

Here you can choose the image you like from a bank of images which is growing every day. You can choose the size and you can choose the material you want it printed on. You can even see how it will look when it’s framed.

Why not let your customers browse the on-line gallery at right now on the computer in your shop? Allow them to choose the prints they would like over a cup of coffee. You can even leave them to it while you go and make another sale!

And, don’t forget, your customers are not just buying another print. It’s a superb giclée reproduction which will last for ages and to which you can add even more value by framing it for them.