First we need a suitable file

We either photograph your original artwork with a high-resolution digital camera or we scan your original artwork on a high quality scanner. In both cases, we end up with a digital file which is suitable for colour management and editing on a computer. Then we work carefully on the image making sure it is the correct size and that the colour of the print will be an accurate representation of your original art.

If you have already scanned your image then we are happy to print from your file as long as you are aware that the quality of the resulting print will depend on you rather than on us. Click here to see our file specifications.

Then we produce a proof

Once we are happy with the image on the computer screen we print directly from the computer on to the material of your choice using our high specification giclée printing machine. This gives us a proof which shows exactly how your job will appear when printed. We check the size and colour content of this first proof against that of the original artwork and make sure that it is an accurate representation.

The materials we use

We print on to many fine art papers, watercolour papers and canvas; also on to gloss and matt finish photo paper and poster paper. We’re happy to let you have samples of these materials. email us at printit at imagiclee dot com to ask for some. Even better, send us a file and we'll print a sample on the paper of your choice free of charge so you can see exactly what you're going to get.