Then you’re probably already buying prints of one sort or another. If you aren’t then it’s worth considering just how valuable your collections are – not simply in their own right as original art but in terms of the extra revenue you could generate for your funding.

Many of you will be responsible for a retail outlet where visitors can buy souvenirs and books. Some of you will be selling post cards, greetings cards and small posters featuring images from your collections.

This is all very well. It satisfies a demand and also generates much-needed income.

But just imagine by how much more you could swell your coffers if you were to meet the needs of the more discerning art lover. OK, so you’re never going to sell your originals, but you could come very close to this by publishing your images as giclée prints.

You might be able to sell a poster for £5 or even £25 but a giclée print can command retail values of between £60 and £600. Even £1000 in some cases.

Most of you will have access to a first class framing facility. Why not add value to your giclées by framing them too? Once again, an idea for generating that vital extra income.

We accept that your budgets are tight and sometimes controlled by others but giclée printing helps you here too. We print-on-demand so that you don’t have to buy more prints than you need. For only a small initial outlay you could be generating a many-fold increase in your revenue with no excess unsold stock to worry about. You simply buy just what you want, when you want it.

And you will be offering real value for money to your customers. They, in turn, will be delighted that they’re buying a picture which they can treasure because it matches the original so closely. At the same time they’re making a worthwhile and substantial contribution to help maintain the collection which they know so well and love so much.