Our main activity is to produce superb giclée reproduction prints on-demand for artists, galleries, publishers, cartographers, museums and photographers using lightfast inks on a wide variety of materials. We can print at any size up to 44" x 66" (and longer!) either from your original art or from your photographs or even from your digital files. Hence the name imagiclée – creating giclée prints from your images. Click here to see how we do it.

For customers who need off the shelf prints, we run one of the largest online galleries in the world, shopforprints.com, where you can browse thousands of images and choose to have them printed on a variety of materials. You can even choose the size of print you would like to suit the space available on your wall. Click here to visit the gallery.

We also produce posters in small quantities for those of you who want to display information to others in a large format. Customers include retailers, churches, offices, graphic designers and architects. We even print your Word and Excel files when you need them enlarging. Click here to visit our poster shop.

We often print for other printers who don’t have the equipment necessary for producing high quality large format prints. If you’re a genuine trade customer you may be able to take advantage of our special trade price list. Drop us a line on your stationery and we’ll let you have more details. Click here for our address.