The benefits of the giclée printing process over other processes are many and varied. But the beauty of all of them is that they are benefits to you, the creator of the art, not just to us, the printers.

It is inexpensive for short runs

Unlike litho printing, there are no expensive set-up costs which means, for a relatively low price, you can order just one giclée print rather than a full print run. This can help you, for example, test the market reaction to a particular image. After the first print, we print on-demand. That means we print however many giclées you order as you need them and when you want them. In this way you pay-as-you-go for each print rather than paying for the whole quantity up-front. We offer generous retrospective discounts which means that, as you order more prints, the unit price of each one reduces substantially.

The print quality is excellent

We are Fine Art Trade Guild members and our prints will conform to the Guild Standard. The quality of a giclée print is far superior to a litho print since the tones are virtually continuous and there is no visible jarring halftone dot structure to break up the fine detail. And the last print matches the first one exactly, even when they are printed on separate occasions, because there is no human intervention in the giclée printing process.

We can print on different materials

When images are printed on to materials such as canvas or textured watercolour paper to simulate the original medium, the results are stunning and the prints are barely distinguishable from the originals.

Accurate colour reproduction

The colour reproduction is very accurate since the giclée process uses six colours rather than the four colours used in conventional printing, thus allowing a greater range of colours to be reproduced.

Light fast prints

We use archival pigmented inks and can achieve museum-quality with scores of years longevity.

Our prices are very reasonable too. Click here to see our current retail price list.